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February 6, 2016


Seeing a Whole New Side of Miami -- Biscayne National Park

Miami is famous for its nightlife, party scene and incredible Cuban food, however Miami has more love to go around. After enjoying a day on the party boat you start to think Miami couldn't be any more beautiful than the babes bouncing around on the beach, but head on over to a space a little more quiet and experience a heavenly getaway.

Biscayne National Park

Of the 172,924 acres, only five percent of this National Park is above land. The park protects the picturesque emerald islands, the dense mangroves and the long stretch of the only living coral reef in the United States.

Above the Water

There are walking paths and possibilities to get a glimpse into the area's complex and vast ecosystem, strolling along the mangrove shore. Visitors also enjoy spending the day relaxing on a beach much less crowded than on the mainlaind. The visitor's center has a quaint back porch area with rocking chairs and a walkway that offers nice views of the park. The park guides are very knowledgeable and love to share information with visitors about the center. There is a daily ranger-guided tour of the area (book this ahead of time). If you really don't want to get in the water, we recommend asking the rangers about the possibilities of going out on a glass bottom boat tour, a kayak or canoe trip.

Don't Be Afraid to Get Wet

The views under the water are absolutely breathtaking. Scattered among the shining blue water are more than 600 species of colorful tropical fish, 25 miles of coral reef and naturally a few shipwrecks. Snorkeling near the shore can be a pleasing way to spend the day. With the warm water and typically clear views, snorkelers are rarely disappointed.

If you are a licensed diver, there is much to see here. Dive levels go from beginner snorkeling in shallow reefs to advanced drift dives. Located just outside the park boundary there are also a few more shipwrecks, however, you must have a more advanced diver's license. Depending on the day and the weather, visibility can range from 10-15 feet to up to 100 feet. On your dive you can expect to see basket sponges large enough to hide a diver, underwater cliffs, a pre-1900 wooden schooner or maybe even a British steamer vessel. Of course you will see schools of fish but also the occasional large eagle ray or shark browsing around the reef, as well.

Quiet Escape

Bring a blanket and a picnic dinner to watch the sun go down from the shore. There are plenty of picnic tables available as well if you don't have a blanket or a towel to kick back on. The weather in Miami is warm all year long and maybe a little cool in December and January. This National Park will show you what it's like to really escape to a tropical paradise.


August 20, 2015

Private Sailing Tours Set Out from Miami

Boat tours are huge in the Miami area. Most of these, however, take place on huge boats where you're packed in with a lot of other tourists. The boats move up and down the coast, showing you the landmarks, beaches and mansions on the shoreline. A guide stands at the front of the boat with a megaphone or a radio and tells you about the things you're seeing. It's fun and informative, but it's missing something if you're out with a hot Miami escort. Don't you want something a bit more romantic?

The key is to go on a private sailing tour, one where it is just you, the escort Miami has given you, and the captain and crew. If you're an experienced sailor, you can rent out a boat on your own, but this is not recommended if you've never sailed before. It's complicated and difficult, no matter how easy the crew makes it look, and there is a distinct level of danger, as well. You're better off on a boat with a professional crew who can take you out and show you a new type of tour.

The benefit of having a professional crew is that it also frees you up to spend your night enjoying the company of the beautiful woman on your arm. The crew will give you space, as many of these boats are fairly large –- in the 24-foot to 40-foot range, with some even larger than that. You have plenty of room to kick back and relax on your own, and you may even want to bring some dessert and a bottle of wine to share as you watch the sunset -– a majestic sight when you see it from the water. Think of it like being out at a seaside bar, but you get the whole bar to yourself. A calm, peaceful sunset cruise can set the mood for the night.

In fact, some of the tours are created specifically with romance in mind. They'll provide the meal, drinks, and even candles on your table. The boat comes with a professional chef who makes exquisite food that's as good as anything you'll find on the mainland, and that tastes even better because of the unique setting. If you want something specific -— your favorite vintage of wine, for instance -— the captain will be happy to make all of the provisions in advance.

Getting out on the ocean is clearly important when you're visiting Miami, as there's a reason the town is focused on the shoreline. Remember, though, that how you get on the water is important. It's going to cost a bit more for a private sailing tour for you and the Miami escorts than it would cost on a massive tourist boat, but the experience you'll get is unforgettable. It's definitely one of those things that you must try if you're in the area and planning the vacation of a lifetime.
April 8, 2015

Four Stellar Date Night Ideas in Miami

If you and one of the luscious Miami escorts are going out on a date, you need it to be perfect and to plan everything in advance. If you're not from Miami, this can be very hard to do, so you should take the following suggestions to heart. These are some of the best date locations in the entire city, and you want to call ahead so that you can make your reservations today.

The Peacock Garden Café

The Peacock Garden is a bright, charming place with wood floors, comfortable couches against the walls, and white and yellow paint that makes every room pop. The specials are to die for, and the sangria is tremendous, but this is a place that is still relaxed and low-key enough for you to have a good time. If you and the Miami escorts have tired of the super-upscale fine dining in the area, this restaurant gives you amazing food for a lower price, without making you feel like you have to wear a tux. If you get a chance, sit outside on the flower-covered patio and enjoy the warm night air. You can find this place at 2889 McFarlane Rd., Coconut Grove, or you can call and make a reservation at 305-774-3332.

Romeo's Café

As soon as you tell the Miami escorts that you're taking them to a place named after the greatest love story of all time, they're going to know that they're in for a romantic night. Romeo's has beautiful hardwood floors and trim; even the ceilings, doors and shelves of wine are made from it, giving the whole place a very high-class appeal. You almost feel like you stepped into the private dining area of a wealthy landowner from Europe. It's the type of place you'd find in an ancient and well-to-do mansion, and the incredible wine selection and high-end dinner offerings keep this theme intact. You can find it at 2257 Coral Way, Miami, or you can call them at 305-859-2228.

Schnebly Redland's Winery

Few things are better than wine tasting for a date, and the Miami escorts are sure to love this night out. You can tour the facility and then engage in tasting, for under $20. If you're not a wine lover, they also have very good beer. You'll find the winery at 555 Jefferson Ave., Miami Beach, and you can call them at 305-672-6161.

Lagniappe House

This place is the absolute best because it offers a huge drink selection, a dinner menu and live music. You and the Miami escorts can go here for the entire date and never have to leave. It's an old building with tons of historic touches, set up to mirror the thriving music scene in New Orleans, and it does so perfectly. It's located at 3425 NE Second Ave., Miami, and the phone number is 305-576-0108.
March 1, 2015

Miami’s Cultural Atmosphere

Miami is a multi-cultural city, and that means there are dozens of attractions that showcase the differences in cultures, race, and religion. If you want a guide to show you through this great city on a cultural tour, consider a beautiful escort. Few will know this city better and you’ll love the companionship. Below are four cultural attractions to consider during your stay in Miami.

Ocean Drive

If you want to experience this area to the max, then consider staying in one of the art deco hotels on Ocean Drive. The architecture here is stunning; glamorous hotels line Ocean Drive. The theatrical style took the design world by storm in the 1920s, and it’s evident in accommodations like the Imperial and Park Central Hotel, which were designed by L. Murray Dixon and Henry Hohauser out of New York. “Window eyebrows” are full of bold bands of color, something that is very characteristic of this style. The Art Deco District can be explored from an Ocean Drive starting point, and more than 800 buildings can be viewed that were built in the 1930s and 1940s.

Little Havana

You simply cannot miss out on this taste of Cuba. Little Havana is something that Miami Cubans are very proud of, even if they don’t call the area home. You’ll see many shops and restaurants that are similar to the ones that hundreds of thousands of Cubans left behind when they fled to the U.S. in 1959. From cigar stores and record shops to some of the most flavorful dishes in quaint restaurants, this is one area of Miami that you must discover.

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

Biscayne Bay is full of mansions of the rich and famous, but the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is one that shouldn’t be missed. The Italian Renaissance style is breathtaking and although it might seem out of place in this beach paradise, once you enter, it’s like you’re stepping back in time. With decorative works and antiques from the 16th to 19th centuries, you’ll feel like you’ve been swept back in time. It was built for James Deering, an industrialist out of Chicago, in the 20th century.

Art Basel Miami Beach

The area in and around Miami beach is known more for kitsch than for its fine art, but Art Basel has become huge success here. Drawing dealers and galleries from all over the world, more than 200 galleries and over 1,000 artists can be showcased in the main fair alone. You’ll likely see many stars splurging on art. There are a number of other fairs sponsored by Switzerland-based Art Basel. Many South Beach clubs and restaurants offer specials, while allowing you to enjoy cocktails on the beach and alfresco art conversation.

Feel Refreshed and Revived During Your Stay in Miami

There are many more cultural attractions here in Miami, and your escort will be able to show the way to more. This city is truly a mecca for those who want to submerge themselves in new experiences.
January 7, 2015

A Boat Tour in Miami: A Romantic Outing

If you're not going to be in Miami for long, you need to take advantage of every moment that you spend with the Miami escorts, and you really need to experience what it's like to be in this lovely part of Florida. There are bars, restaurants, beaches, concert halls, historic sites, and much more. The one thing that dominates the scene, though, is the ocean. It's beautiful at all times of day, but especially when you find a beach where you can watch the sunset. One of the best ways to experience the ocean is to get right out on the water. If you don't own your own boat, it may be time to think about a boat tour.

There are many different tours to pick from. For example, some of them are boat and bus tours, with everything combined into a single event. These are long, but you get to see all of the top spots on the shore while you ride the bus —- the guide talks to you while the bus is moving and after you stop, so you learn about far more than just the stops —- and then you get to go out on the waves at the end. If you're interested in the history of the area and what has drawn people to Miami for so long, this is a great way to learn more.

Maybe, though, you're not as interested in the history as you are in the lives led by the rich and famous of Miami. This has really become a hot spot for celebrities thanks to its laid-back style of living, its plethora of attractions, and the incredible properties that are for sale. One of the boat tours focuses on this celebrity lifestyle, taking you down the shoreline so that you can see all of the mansions along the coast. These homes are really breathtaking, and you can't get a better view than you get from the water.

However, maybe you're looking for more of a romantic outing with the Miami escorts. If so, you're probably going to be interested in the sunset cruises. They can provide you with a wonderful meal on the deck of the boat, a bottle of wine to share, and an unobstructed view. You can choose between personal cruises —- they're more expensive, but also far more romantic —- or shared trips on larger boats. Either way, from the candlelit dinner to the soft music playing over the speakers, these trips set the stage for a very romantic evening.

The type of boat tour that you choose is all up to you; as you can see, each one has something unique to offer. When you meet up with the Miami escorts, just ask these pretty girls what they would prefer, or book it all in advance to get the one that you want. Either way, a boat tour in Florida is an experience that you are going to remember for the rest of your life, so you don't want to pass it up.
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