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Hitting the Top Clubs with Jewel

With her full figure and her sleek black hair with its stunning highlights, Jewel is a girl who is just built to party. She loves dancing, and even was on the dance team when she was in college. Of all of the Miami escorts, she brings the most experience to the dance floor, so you know you're going to have a good time. When she graduated from college, she turned to the extensive Miami club scene to get out her passion and energy for dancing. She can keep going all night long, so you know that you're in for a night to remember.

A Charming Quick Wit

However, like most of the Miami escorts, Jewel is far more than just a party girl. Sure, she has a terrific body and she knows how to move alluringly across the dance floor, drawing eyes from all over the club, but she also has an advanced degree from the University of Florida. She's quick-witted and intelligent, able to talk extensively about subjects like world events, politics and history. She likes to have fun, but she can also engage you for hours over a glass of wine and a cocktail. You're never going to get bored with her; that much, we can promise you.

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Jewel Standing With White Top and Blue Jeans

Jewel On Her Knees On the Chair With White Top and Blue Jeans

Jewel Sitting With White Top And Blue Jeans Touching Her Breast

Jewel Standing With Top Pulled Up Showing Her Bra

Jewel Sitting Topless with Reed Panties

Jewel On Her Knees Showing Breast and Butt

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